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 Vegan Protein Powders

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PostSubject: Vegan Protein Powders   Vegan Protein Powders EmptySat Nov 20, 2010 3:38 pm

I turned to consuming Vegan Protein Shakes purely due to an allergic reaction that I had six months or so ago.

I have been allergic to eggs all of my life (in my 40's now) - that's every part of the egg and I have never been able to consume anything with eggs in it. However I could consume milk, cheese, yoghurt, chocolate, cream, etc.

That is until six months ago. I have also always been asthmatic (very mildly since my late teens though).

Six months ago I consumed whilst in my local gym a protein shake that I had consumed forever - a whey protein shake that made me so ill it was unbelievable. Now I have had instances like this over the years but never like this.

My doctor told me to stay off lactose based products for at least 8 weeks. Best advice he ever gave me.

Now all this came about in the middle of my sports and exercise course at college and 12 months into my weight training - not good. I can tell you that it stopped me weight training properly for a good 3 months - whilst I researched what I could and could not consume from a weight training point of view.

I spoke to numerous companies, I emailed them, spoke to various trainers and posted on hundreds on blogs and forums and eventually got the answers I required.

You see my premise was that I wanted a protein powder that I could take where there was an absolute guarantee that there was no lactose, no egg, no dairy in the product and I found only 1 such company in the UK - Nutrisport.

Now I had used Nutrisport before - I used to take their 90+ Whey Protein which was superb for me - good balance of protein, carbs and price. So when I contacted Nutrisport and they confirmed to me that they sell a Vegan 90+, made from Pea Fibre Protein that is guaranteed to have no dairy and no eggs, I was over the moon.

Bulk Powders and My Protein do sell a Pea Fibre Protein - but they do not make it themselves, they have it made in a factory that makes a lot of other companies supplements and they will not guarantee no cross contamination. Whereas Nutrisport are the only company in the UK that make their own supplements in their own factory.

So we come full circle - the protein shake that I drank that made me so ill was probably bottled in a factory that can't guarantee no cross contamination and the chances are that this shake had eggs in it (because this is the only thing that would make me so ill), and if it wasn't for that then I would never have found out this information and I would have never felt so good from drinking a vegan protein shake.

I have been drinking this for over 2 months now, twice a day and it is fantastic - no bloating, fantastic gains, excellent energy and my asthma - it's like I don't have it anymore - on top of that - I do not consume any dairy at all - milk is replaced with soya and oat milk.
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Vegan Protein Powders
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