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 DHA/EPA reduce stress in healthy adults

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DHA/EPA reduce stress in healthy adults Empty
PostSubject: DHA/EPA reduce stress in healthy adults   DHA/EPA reduce stress in healthy adults EmptyMon Dec 19, 2011 3:15 am

Here's an interesting look at using DHA/EPA essential fatty acids & how they effect stress in healthy adults. Why should this bother you, you don't have much stress maybe? Well you train don't you? Training is a type of stress, the harder you train the more stress your body goes through to recover.
One question of interest is "Would ALA work as well?" (the oil found in flax, hemp & walnuts). I don't know. Personally I prefer someone training hard to be on both an ALA source (taken AM first thing) & a couple of DHA/EPA pills taken any time later in the day. These days getting DHA/EPA from algae is easy (the same place fish get it from) & as that is MUCH lower down the food chain than any fish you are likely to get a less contaminated product.
So, if you are training hard, investing in some DHA/EPA might be a wise move, not just for blood profile, recovery & joint health, but also on lowering your stress levels as well.
If you're in the UK or Europe 2 products that I recommend are:


Opti3 is slightly larger, v-pure is slightly cheaper, so you can take your pick as it world out about the same per gram cost.

Anyway click here for abstract
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DHA/EPA reduce stress in healthy adults
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