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 Ignite Ultra v launches in the UK

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Ignite Ultra v launches in the UK Empty
PostSubject: Ignite Ultra v launches in the UK   Ignite Ultra v launches in the UK EmptySat Nov 05, 2011 3:32 am

The new all-in-one from Natures whey has just launched it's website in the UK. We were giving it away on the stall at the vegan festival last weekend, so those who have tried the samples can now get hold of it. It is not just a protein powder, but is a high protein all-in-one, so it also contains some carbs, creatine, maca, leucine, glutamine, beta alanine & other stuff). From what I gather it is fine for drug tested athletes to take, so it should be ok for everyone unless you have issues with any of the individual ingredients
Check it out at Natures Whey
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Ignite Ultra v launches in the UK
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