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 Protein Powder and Numbness/Tingling

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Protein Powder and Numbness/Tingling Empty
PostSubject: Protein Powder and Numbness/Tingling   Protein Powder and Numbness/Tingling EmptyWed Jun 08, 2011 11:28 am

I am new to weight training, and still trying to figure out how to gain strength and mass. The protein powder I've been using before workouts (Vega) has been causing numbness and tingling in my hands and legs throughout the day. I know this because I only experience the numbness when I've taken the powder. It doesn't seem particularly serious, but regardless, I don't like the feeling of numbness, especially if it gets in the way of lifting. Does anyone have recommendations about what specifically in the powder might cause this, or what other product I might use to help gain mass?
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Protein Powder and Numbness/Tingling Empty
PostSubject: Re: Protein Powder and Numbness/Tingling   Protein Powder and Numbness/Tingling EmptyFri Jun 10, 2011 2:16 am

Is it only vega, or any protein? If it's only vega then switch to another protein powder (just get a basic rice, pea, hemp or similar - I don't suggest soya if you are eating soya just so you get some variety of amino acids). If it's all protein powders that cause this then I'd consider getting it checked it & getting blood work as some medical issues can cause numbness when high protein is ingested. If flavour is an issue just add some fruit or buy a flavoured powder you can add.
What other products will help you gain mass...well food would be my first choice Laughing stuff like legumes, nuts & seeds, eating greens also helps especially cruciferous veggies as these appear to shift the bodies oestrogen production towards the 'good' type of oestrogen, just make sure you are getting enough iodine in your diet or your thyroid will slow (I suggest 1/4 of a teaspoon of kelp powder daily - best to go the chemist & get a proper measuring spoon as a quarter can be hard to get right - if you do that you'll get all the iodine you need, plus as big daily mineral boost).
Eat more, would be a good starting place add an extra meal or snack, or add slightly more to a meal or two every day. Adding mass can be a hard process for quite a few people. Just as some people find it hard to lose fat others find it hard to add mass. Rarely do you find a person who adds mass easily, but doesn't add fat easily (the lucky few!). The unluckiest type find it hard to add muscle mass, but easy to add fat.
I'd also look at you workouts - are you sticking to the basics? Some type of deadlift, some type of squat or step-up, a press, a row, some core work (anti-rotation, stabilisation as well as flexion). Work on a few lifts very intensely.
Also your recovery is important, so take that into account as well.
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Protein Powder and Numbness/Tingling
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