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 Skinny water!!!!

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Skinny water!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Skinny water!!!!   Skinny water!!!! EmptyWed Mar 03, 2010 9:45 am

Yes, really!! Just when you think the supplement industry has hit rock bottom it tries to sell you flavoured water (that contains calories) & tries to convince you that it will make you have less calories than drinking plain water (zero calories!). I don't mean to be rude but you must be an idiot to buy this - & at over a £1 for 500ml (approx a pint give or take a bit) you'd have to have more money than sense as well. A better alternative would be to buy plain water & send me the extra cash you'd have left over -trust me you'd lose more & I'd gain more a win-win situation Laughing
Oh yea & drinking it before a meal help 'block' carbohydrates - it does?..really? no it doesn't, but it sounds cool doesn't it!

To see Skinny water for yourself click here

I sometimes wonder if supplement maker are actually on drugs (as in LSD) as some of their ideas are just plain trippy!
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Skinny water!!!!
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