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 hemp protein powder. strawberry, natural or neither.

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PostSubject: hemp protein powder. strawberry, natural or neither.   Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:25 am

Hello you lentil loving lifters,

This is a question to people who have tried hemp protein powder. First question. Does plain hemp protein powder taste similar to pea protein? Second question. Who's tried the strawberry hemp protein powder? Can you tell me if it tastes anything like strawberries or is it like pea protein; goes down a lot easier with something sweet? If it tastes ok, brilliant. Convenient vegan protein powder that requires no blending. Thought I'd see if anyone had tried it before I bought the stuff.

Thanks folks.
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PostSubject: Re: hemp protein powder. strawberry, natural or neither.   Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:05 am

Hemp protein is the best tasting protein out there that I've tasted. Everyone I've talked to (including meat eaters & users of all protein including animal based), most people won't need to add anything to it get drink it.
I'd try out plain hemp first as the taste is kind of nutty, very good as is. it is one of the more expensive proteins out there, but is considered a raw food, so even those who eat all, or mostly raw food can indulge.
From the sounds of your other posts you're in the UK, so I'd actually go for
this stuff as it's produced & grown in Devon & has more healthy fats/less carbs (same overall calories & protein) as the Canadian stuff. You get £2 off an order by quoting "protein402" until March 2010 (I'll try to get more deals when that runs out if I can.
If you do buy it mention that we put you onto it as if we get a lot of people from here buying it we might be able to swing more deals for the people on here.
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hemp protein powder. strawberry, natural or neither.
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