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 IMPORTANT! Read first before posting

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IMPORTANT! Read first before posting Empty
PostSubject: IMPORTANT! Read first before posting   IMPORTANT! Read first before posting EmptyTue Jul 28, 2009 1:26 pm

Hi everyone & welcome to the VBB forum,
Here are the important points you need to know:

1/ When you join this messageboard you are sent an 'activation' to your email account. This may end up in your junk mail, so check that after you've joined if your activation isn't sent.

2/ For some reason you need to write a subject line that is ten characters long or the message won’t post. Bear that in mind when writing subject headings.

3/ This site is a place for vegans & those sympathetic to that dietary choice to meet & chat about their dietary choices, training etc. Asking questions if you’re interested, but not yet veggie or vegan is fine, but promoting non-vegan diets is not welcome on the board. There are 100’s of messageboards out there for people who choose to train & eat animal products, this is our small space on the internet, respect that.

4/ URLs to gambling sites, porn etc are banned on the post or in your signature. We've been forced to add in this rule as so many machines posting those links are in action at the moment. URLs to your own blogs, websites, training or supplements (vegan of course!) are ok by the way if you are involved with them.

5/ Be nice! I was going to write a whole load of “do’s & don’ts”, but I decided to keep it simple. Try not to say anything that will upset people. Anything likely to offend will be removed & you will get a warning, keep doing it & further action will be taken. I know boards can sometimes get you annoyed, but before writing count to 10 then type something less controversial than you were going to a few seconds ago. If you have any prejudice, then leave it outside the board. You all know good manners, try to use them here.

That’s it! So welcome to the VBB forum & I hope you enjoy it. Remember no question is a stupid question, it’s only the person who thinks they know it all who is the stupid person. Glad to have you onboard!
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IMPORTANT! Read first before posting
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