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 The next big prediction - Choline

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The next big prediction - Choline Empty
PostSubject: The next big prediction - Choline   The next big prediction - Choline EmptyWed Sep 23, 2009 2:26 am

As you know at the moment the world (more particularly the parts of the world far north & far south) are just starting to wake-up to the chronically low levels of vitamin D they take in. Over the next year or so that will peak I suspect & the next 'big thing' will emerge, but what will it be?
Well my prediction for a front runner will be choline (silent 'h' pronounced 'coline') as levels for many people are quite low. The most common source used to be eggs (egg yolks to be precise), but it is also found in animal livers. Other sources closer to home for use to vegans are in soya (lecithin) & wheat germ.
If you follow the research of choline, you'll see an issue that will be brought up but the meat-biased industry that we haven't seen tackled in research. All the research I've seen on choline has been done using animal-based choline product (most usually from egg). I've yet to see research done using the plant-based you know that they'll be claiming that there is no proof the plant based choline works as there has only been studies on animal based choline. Hopefully there is either research out there & I've missed it, or the research will soon be done that will prove that plant-based choline works in a similar fashion to animal-based choline...but until it's done you'd be wise to expect this argument to come up.
But for now keep your eyes open & I predict you'll start seeing information about this nutrient starting to appear over the next 12 or so months.
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The next big prediction - Choline Empty
PostSubject: Re: The next big prediction - Choline   The next big prediction - Choline EmptyWed Apr 21, 2010 7:56 pm

"Dr. Fredericks says "Choline is more effective when accompanied with Inositol, another B vitamin and other vitamins that affect fat utilization."

- 'Know your nutrition' by Linda Clark which might be a source of question to some people.

As an example:
Quote :
"Vitamin B22" - some unknown Aloe Vera concoction and probably completely worthless. Appears to come from the 1973 (updated in '94, my note) book Know Your Nutrition by Linda Clark; claims that this "vitamin" exists made a comeback in the late 1990s thanks to the Internet. -

Which seems to be a page talking about "pseudovitamins" and that this is sometimes down to "quackery" as THEY call it. It's good reading sometimes.

I'm sure plenty of examples of what Choline can do is the subject of much written material so I will not dwell on it and repeat it, one can research it for themselves, it certainly does seem to have some benefits.

Choline from plants, we'll have to see.
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The next big prediction - Choline
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