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 Vitamin D Vs Swine Flu

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PostSubject: Vitamin D Vs Swine Flu   Vitamin D Vs Swine Flu EmptyWed Sep 16, 2009 1:20 pm

Since the outbreak of swine flu there has been an interest in what would happen if swine flu 'met' a group using high levels of vitamin D. well the first case I've heard about has come to light the Central Wisconsin Center is a place where people with developmental issues are cared for. At the moment they are trying out high levels of vitamin D to see how it affects those with various developmental problems. A patient was transferred to the exstablishment with what was confirmed as swine flu. I'll let them continue in their own words:

Quote :
CWC is a long-term care facility for people with developmental disabilities, home for approx. 275 people with approx. 800 staff. Serum 25-OHD has been monitored in virtually all residents for several years and patients supplemented with vitamin D.

In June, 2009, at the time of the well-publicized Wisconsin spike in H1N1 cases, two residents developed influenza-like illness (ILI) and had positive tests for H1N1: one was a long-term resident; the other, a child, was transferred to us with what was later proven to be H1N1.

On the other hand, 60 staff members developed ILI or were documented to have H1N1: of 17 tested for ILI, eight were positive. An additional 43 staff members called in sick with ILI. (Approx. 11-12 staff developed ILI after working on the unit where the child was given care, several of whom had positive H1N1 tests.)

So, it is rather remarkable that only two residents of 275 developed ILI, one of which did not develop it here, while 103 of 800 staff members had ILI. It appears that the spread of H1N1 was not from staff-to-resident but from resident-to-staff (most obvious in the imported case) and between staff, implying that staff were susceptible and our residents protected.


Norris Glick, MD
Central Wisconsin Center
Madison, WI

So we had 2 of 275 residents getting flu (one of which was a transfer from outside the residence), while 103 of 800 staff got flu. the residence had high levels of vitamin D, the staff had unmonitored vitamin D levels. There may be other variables involved & this should be monitored, but it is the first case of a group of vitamin D controlled individuals coming 'face to face' with swine flu, from this I'd certainly consider raising your levels of vitamin D if things do get bad with the flu.
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Vitamin D Vs Swine Flu
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